Our Process

Are you a Buyer or a Seller?

Selling Your Land

We know that selling land can be a big decision. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure that you have all the bases covered when moving through the entire process, not just the sale. We enjoy staying with you as your guide and professional resource before, during, and after the deal is done.

Here is what you can expect:

Step 1:

The initial meeting. To us this means sitting down at your table and getting to know the whole story. This discovery meeting will include a lot of questions on both sides. We want to know all the ins and outs, who the family is, what the operation is like and where it comes from. This full picture makes meeting your expectations and representing you so much easier.

Step 2:

If needed, we connect you with our network of agriculture focused professionals to fill any gaps there may be. This might include specialized tax planning, financial planning, accounting, estate transitions, legal advice, or insurance. Having this roadmap complete is important to us because it means that there will be no surprises after the sale is complete.

Step 3:

We will review and get into all the details of how you want things done. Price, internal marketing or public marketing of the land, timelines etc. At this point all questions should be answered.

Step 4:

We sign documentation, create the listing, and begin marketing your property. We have the expectations and the roadmap set out, this is where we follow through on everything we have set out beforehand.

Step 5:

Enjoy the proceeds and the next step in life that we helped prepare you for.

Buying Land

Whether you’re growing your farm, or expanding your land holdings as an investment, we want to understand your goals and aspirations. The fact is many of the trades in real estate we complete are never publicly advertised. This means if you are interested in buying, we need that touch point of communication in order to either make you aware of what we have available or create an opportunity for you where there isn’t one yet.

Step 1:

Initial meeting. Ideally, we sit down together and get a full understanding of what your goals and expansion plans are. We want to understand your operation completely. What the long-term plans for your farm are, or what value you want to deliver to your shareholders.

Step 2:

Now that we understand who you are, we can dive into the finer details. What is the budget, what area are you targeting, do we approach some landlords with offers, what is your timeline etc. Directed and specific questions will be answered here.

Step 3:

Having laid out a plan and preparing beforehand, whether we create an opportunity for you, or find an existing one, we will be ready to write.