Land Management

Our many years of experience on the farm and with customer relation- ship management have given us the tools to provide landowners with the peace of mind that their lands value, productivity, and return rates are being preserved.

We actively manage the relationship with the renter, ensuring fair rental rates for all, and farming practices that preserve the health of the land.

A brief description of how we help:

  • Meet with you to determine what the goals are for your land.
  • Secure an agronomically and economically capable renter to ensure your land is treated just as well as the renter’s land.
  • Negotiate fair market rent and have a written lease signed.
  • Collect rent and provide regular accounting statements to you.

Services Available:

Active Continuous Management

This Includes:

  • Collecting Rent and remitting to landlord.
  • Providing accounting statements regularly.
  • Actively managing tenant relationships.

Tenancy Renewal/New Tender

This Includes:

  • Meeting with you to review your goals and plans for the land.
  • Negotiate a new rent rate based on the current local market.
  • Provide written lease contracts.
  • Secure an agronomically and economically capable tenant or renew and update an agreement with an existing tenant.

                                                      Please call for more information on our fee structure and process.